Biospringer at Food Ingredients South America

Biospringer at Food Ingredients South America

Biospringer at Food Ingredients South America 2018 in Sao Paolo, Brazil

From August 21 to 23, 2018, Biospringer attended the one and only event focused on food ingredients in Latin America. It is also one of the most important events in the world for the food and beverage industry.

Our Brazilian and South American sales and marketing team presented all our natural* solutions  yeast extract range, that brings taste improvement but also many other benefits, like salt, sugar or fat reduction for example.

Our visitors were thrilled to meet Chef Mariana Pelozio, a famous Brazilian Chef. Chef Mariana Pelozio is graduated in Gastronomy by SENAC. She was finalist of the reality show Hell’s Kitchen, and she is now in charge of the restaurant Duas Terezas.

Chef Mariana played around with our yeast extracts, choosing Springer® 2012 and Springer® 6001 in food application. She chose to prepare one salty dish with Springer® 2012 and one desert with Springer® 6001.
The first was a delicious Creamy Polenta with Beef Ragout, of which she declared that the most notable benefits of using yeast extract Springer® 2012 in her recipe was “more flavor impact, long-lasting and juiciness.
The desert was a wonderfully prepared Brownie, taking into account that Springer® 6001 “yeast extract intensified the cacao notes and created a long-lasting effect“, according to Chef Mariana Pelozio.

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Fi South America Biospringer Beef ragout

Fi South America Biospringer brownie

Food Ingredients South America Biospringer

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