Biospringer at 2018 FIC in Shanghai

Biospringer at 2018 FIC in Shanghai

The 2018 Food Ingredient China Exhibition, was held in Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center, on March 22 to 24.

The Biospringer China expert team took this opportunity to present many local food applications with yeast extract, developped by our Culinary Center with Chef Corentin Delcroix:

  • Beef Oxtail, made with Springer® 2006,
  • Hot Chocolate with Springer® 6008,
  • Marinated Chicken Wings with Springalys® D201,
  • Dumpling Pork and Cabbage with Springalys® D201,
  • And many more food applications !

It was the perfect moment to show that yeast extract bring richness, and reinforces the overall taste and rich flavor profile.


Chef Corentin Delcroix is a consultant chef for several food brands and he works with our Biospringer Asian Culinary Center team. He strongly believes in yeast extract in food application: “The wide array of Biospringer’s products addresses a large panel of issues that we often face when developing products and its clean label perfectly fits the current trend. On several projects we had a very positive results using Biospringer yeast extract,whether it was through its flavor improvement, water binding characteristics or specific flavor.”

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